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Some readers have told me that my book, The Dirty Days, is a great crossover title for a Mother/Daughter Book Club (or a book club for Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, or Father/Son).  I would agree that my story will resonate with both adults and their children ages 9-17. While the theme of my book is based on the coming-of age events of a young girl, many of the historical events in The Dirty Days have relevance to a son as well as a daughter.  For example, the struggles of a father trying to provide for his family, the effects of a world war on young teenage boys, the life and death struggles of poverty and catastrophic climatic events will appeal to boys as well as girls.

  As a former high school English teacher, I strongly support parents and their daughters and sons sharing a reading experience, followed by discussion--which helps develop trust and respect between parents and their children. Discussion of The Dirty Days can help you and your child talk about important subjects--growing up struggles, perseverance, homelessness, money troubles, bullying, cliques in school, and many other relevant topics.

You can start a book club with your friends and their daughters or your daughter's friends and their mothers--or just begin a book club with the two of you (or with your entire family) for now. To help get you started, I've posted a FREE discussion guide and activities for you and your daughter to share. I've also indicated options for involving fathers and sons.  The Dirty Days is available as a soft cover book, a hard cover book, and as an ebook. The links to buy my book and the link to a FREE discussion and activities guide are listed below. Let me know how your experience goes. I'm also happy to share any of your discussion or activity ideas with others, if you want to send them to me. Enjoy!



Click HERE to download your FREE Discussion and Activities Guide.

To Buy the Kindle EBook Version of The Dirty Days, Click Here.

To Buy the Nook EBook Version of The Dirty Days, Click Here.

To Buy the Soft Cover or the Hard Cover Version of The Dirty Days, Click Here.


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